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Eco and Environmentally Aware Customers

We are able to provide those that are very environmentally consious with a solution to their laundry problems.

As we are very much focused on what the customers requires and understand that some people pride themselves on being very eco friendly and infact differentiate themselves from competitors by being so.

Below are some examples of how we help Eco minded customers:

  • We have very eco friendly detergents & are open minded as to what detergents you would prefer to use e.g. Ecover
  • Laundry is washed at the lowest possible temperature
  • Our washing machines use the minimum amount of water possible

We encorage the supply of EcoKnit products where appropriate.

Below are some of the benefits of EcoKnit products:

  • EcoKnit products dry up 40% faster
  • EcoKnit products save 15% water in the washing process
  • EcoKnit products are Snag Free and are virtually Indestructible
  • EcoKnit products last 2 to 3 times longer

When the need arises we would love the opportunity to have a chat with you.

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